Introducing Hard Hat HR mobile!

Screenshot_2014-08-30-12-05-47Now you can easily access Hard Hat HR on your mobile phone.

I’m excited to introduce Hard Hat HR mobile because nearly 25% of the traffic to Hard Hat HR is through a smartphone.  The responsive design of the  HHHR website automatically adjusts to and optimizes the display to your device.

Accessing the internet via mobile devices is continuing to grow and will probably soon be the majority of internet traffic.

According the the Pew Research Internet Project, 58% of American adults have a smartphone and 34% of cell internet users use their phones the majority of the time to go online.  Yes, I know most of the time they are checking email and social media or getting directions, but the comfort level of using smartphones for other online behavior is only going to grow.

So it’s important for HHHR to be optimized for this behavior.

I gotta stay on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology.  I’ve always been kinda geeky that way!

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