Introducing the First Tool in the Hard Hat HR Tool Belt

Today, I am very excited to introduce the very first tool for the Hard Hat HR Tool Belt – 8 Tactical Actions to Help Build Your Online Presence.

In today’s highly competitive and connected world, it is critical for HR leaders to have excellent online visibility. The best way to gain this visibility is to build a strong and cohesive Online Brand Presence by carefully following the 8 tactical actions detailed in this guide.

Once established, your online presence will gain you a great deal of credibility. You will be seen as an HR expert and thought leader by your current employer as well as any potential future employers. This can lead to possible career advancement and financial rewards!

You can get the download here.  The tool is completely free and all I ask, in exchange, is for your email address so I can stay in touch with you with the HHHR Update and you can be first in line for future tools.

How my Presentation Helped me Narrow the Focus of Hard Hat HR

Last week I delivered a presentation to a group of HR executives at Innovative Career Consulting and told them the story of  how I created my online brand presence.  Turns out, a couple executives at ICC were impressed with how I was branding myself and HHHR so they contacted me and asked me to speak to their group about how I am doing it.

The request was completely unexpected and on very short notice – I only had two and a half days to prepare something completely from scratch!

Remember, I only re-launched Hard Hat HR a couple weeks ago and am in the beginning stages of building it.  Delivering presentations is certainly one of the activities I intend to do but I was completely caught off guard by their request and certainly not ready.

But my attitude is and always has been to take whatever opportunity given and make the best of it.  I would have to make myself ready.  Who knows when the next opportunity will come or where this opportunity will lead?

So I went into deep dive mode and, in following two mornings and evenings, I built the presentation with enough time to rehearse it a half dozen times.  Whew!  Of course I was nervous when it was time to deliver the presentation but once I got going, my enthusiasm and passion took over and was able to comfortably deliver some real value to the group at ICC.

The group was fantastic and engaged throughout  and asked some great questions – many of which have given me several ideas for new material for HHHR!   One question in particular really made me think.  A gentleman asked what was the main focus or specialty for HHHR.  I didn’t have a good answer for him except to say “HR Strategy and Tactics”.   I’m actually OK (but not really excited) with that answer but the question still made me think a little harder about what direction I want to take HHHR.

That thinking led to the conclusion that the group consisted of HR leaders who were looking to me for advice and seemed interested in what I was delivering.  So why not concentrate my efforts on delivering advice and content to HR leaders and those who aspire to be HR leaders?  Boom.  That’s it.  And that is what I will do.

As of today, my new title/focus/brand is “Hard Hat HR – Human Resource Leadership Strategy & Tactics.”

In closing, I want to sincerely thank the good people at Innovative Career Consulting for giving me the opportunity to speak to their group last week.  Not only did it give me the opportunity to help a fantastic group of HR leaders, it gave me some great new ideas for the future direction of HHHR!

Hard Hat HR’s One Year Anniversary and Future Direction

Rich at Rig Site 1975Today, August 2, 2014, is the one year anniversary of HHHR!   I originally launched HHHR intending to focus on HR in the mining industry.  Later in the year, I expanded the focus to HR in the extractive industries.  Most recently, I updated the language translate plugin. Now, the plugin is capable of carrying out even tigrinya translations.

When I launched HHHR, I was also blogging at my other much more established site,, and maintained both for most of the next 12 months.  This got to be a bit more of a chore than I thought but I was still enjoying it!  I didn’t know where it would all go so I decided to just work my way through it and see where the experience would lead me!

Then about two months ago,  I had an epiphany!  After a particularly difficult week at work where everything – and I mean everything – seemed to come down crashing down on top of me, it occurred to me that I could expand Hard Hat HR away from just focusing on the extractive industries and use it as a way of providing a “Hard Hat” or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all HR Professionals.

Here is the first attempt to describe the new HHHR.

So what is Hard Hat HR?  Well, it’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the HR Professional.

Those of us in the profession know that HR gets a lot of unpleasant and difficult issues thrown at us. Sometimes thrown very hard –  hard enough to make your head hurt!

So, Hard Hat HR is here to provide protection from those issues and to help HR Professionals become more effective leaders by sharing and discussing strategic and tactical  Human Resources practices and theories.

So I did a complete makeover of both my sites.  I quit blogging at and converted it into my professional personal website and moved it from the Blogger platform to a self hosted WordPress platform.  I also moved HHHR from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress platform, purchased the Get Noticed theme from Michael Hyatt, and started the long journey of building Hard Hat HR into something I hope will provide value to those who join the HHHR Crew!

Changing Things Up

I have not been posting here much lately but am going to restart and take HHHR into a new direction in the coming months.  The first thing is to move HHHR from the Blogger platform to a self hosted WordPress platform.  This will freshen things up and give me a lot more flexibility with the things I want to do with the site.  It will take a bit to get it all up and running and I plan on playing with a couple different WordPress  themes until I find one I really like.

The second phase will be to fine tune what I want HHHR to be – details I will share with you later.  Its something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but just didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to do it.  I have done a lot of  research and studying on setting things up the way I want.  I’ve also figured how I want to move forward and am very excited to make it happen in the next couple of months!

Lost Photos

I took a few weeks off from posting due to some work and personal commitments that took priority and came back today to do some work on HHHR today only to find most of the photos that accompanied my blog posts had disappeared.  I did a little research and discovered that the photos for my blog are stored on my Picasa Web Albums site.  Not knowing this, I had deleted several of my Picasa albums a few weeks ago as I was organizing my photos for another project!  So now I have a bunch of posts with a large blank spot instead of a nice photo.  I don’t have time to go back and fix it right now and I may never get to it.  Instead, I will probably just start up again and start posting new content.

Slow Going in January

I have to apologize for the lack of posts so far in 2014.  I’ve only posted three articles in January and the first one was a summary of 2013!  There’s a lot going on at work, not the least of which is overseeing the 2013 Performance Appraisal process with two times more employees than we had in the past several years.  In addition to that, I’m currently in Vancouver, BC wearing my Investor’s Relations hat and working the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.  

So there may only be one post a week for the next few weeks.  

2013 Review and Summary

Rich in the 1970s 

I launched Hard Hat HR on August 1, 2013 with the primary intent to create a new HR brand that focused on the hard hat industries. Its also a way to help me become a better HR professional by helping me sharpen my focus on issues that are important to me.  I also hope to become a better writer!

I have published 75 posts in the past five months – some are pretty darn good and some are pretty awful. I’m OK with that.   Some days I spend hours writing and editing a post and some days I quickly crank something out without proofing it. I’m the type of person who believes its better to start a project and work out the details along the way. I don’t believe in waiting until something is perfect before launching.  If I did, there are a lot of things I would never have done. That’s what I’m doing here at Hard Hat HR.  I acquired the URL, designed my Blogger template and started blogging right away.  I’m working out the details and learning how to improve along the way.  That’s how I work best.

I am not doing anything aggressive to promote traffic except to occasionally tweet a post.  I don’t know if Hard Hat HR will ever amount to anything but maybe it will. I’m not exactly sure what I want it to be except for my little world of HR thought and opinions. I believe that if I keep working on it it will evolve into something I can be proud of.    It is simply my small attempt to perhaps, someday, become an HR thought leader who’s focus is in the hard hat industries.

Until then, I plan to continue publishing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Slight Name Change to HHHR

I made a slight name change from Hard Hat HR – Practicing HR in the Mining Industry to Hard Hat HR – HR in the Extractive Industries.  I did this to broaden the scope and reach of HHHR to include the oil and gas industries since they attract and employ a very similar, if not the same, workforce.

I also distressed and weathered the text of the title a bit to give it a realistic looking been-in-the- elements appearance.

Introducing Hard Hat HR

As I mentioned in my other blog,, I came up with the term Hard Hat HR while driving home from a job fair in rural Wyoming.  My intent is to create a new HR ‘brand’ that focuses on HR practiced in the ‘hard hat’ industries.  While HR is HR for the most part, there is certainly a different consideration that has to be taken in the ‘hard hat’ industries.  The focus of this blog will be in the mining sector but I am confident it can be applied to other similar industries.

In addition to posting all my HR content here, my goal is to share my HR experiences, both successes and failures, where appropriate.  I will also be re-posting all my HR related posts from in the next few months so it will all be in one place.

I’ve discovered a niche in the HR blogesphere/social media world and I am excited to launch Hard Hat HR!

You can also follow me on twitter @HardHatHR which I’m officially launching today along with

A note on the photo accompanying this post and used as the theme of the blog:  That is a picture of me – wearing a hard hat! – out in the field at a uranium drill rig back in the 1970s when I traveled around Wyoming with my dad as he worked as a uranium exploration geologist.