Maintain an Updated and Current Résumé

Keeping an updated résumé for yourself is an important part of being a professional HR leader.  As HR leaders, we often neglect our responsibility to our own career.

You never want to be caught without a current and updated résumé because you never know when you may suddenly be out of a job or have an opportunity of a lifetime come your way.

Having a current and updated résumé will significantly speed up the process of starting the new job search.  It’s also very impressive to immediately provide your résumé to that potential new employer or recruiter of a new opportunity.  Sends the message that you are organized and prepared.

So, I recommend that you schedule an half hour to an hour each quarter to review your résumé and update your accomplishments from the past three months.  Schedule this task in your calendar to repeat every three months so you won’t forget.  It’s so much easier to do this on a regular schedule than trying to go back and remember all your accomplishments several years back.

Build a “Master Résumé” that contains all of your accomplishments from all of your jobs.  This document will probably end up being several pages long.  From your Master Résumé, you can edit it down to one page using only the relevant accomplishments for the job you are applying for.

Most people probably haven’t updated their résumé’s since they started their current job.  Dig out your résumé now and start adding all the accomplishments you can think of since you started.  Once you get going and are in the mode of adding those accomplishments, you will be surprised at how many more will surface in your memory.

Once you build your Master Resume and schedule an update reminder every three months, you will feel much more confident and secure should you need to start a job hunt or quickly provide it to a recruiter for an exciting new opportunity.