Follow Instructions When Applying for a Job!

Over the years I have learned a very effective initial screening technique when recruiting for talent.  I give  detailed, simple, and specific instructions of how to apply for the job.  My belief is that if a candidate cannot properly follow simple instructions of how to apply for a job that will provide them with an income and a living, they will not follow instructions on the job.

It amazes me how many people ignore all of the instructions or only follow some of them.
In addition, I put very specific instructions when I advertise jobs in Craigslist – I even put a line in the ad that it is very important that the instructions be followed to be considered for the job.  I still get a minority of people who follow the instructions.  Amazing but a very effective technique for screening out candidates who are incapable of following instructions  – an important job requirement, in my humble opinion!
So if you are advertising for a job, save yourself a lot of screening time by giving specific instructions on ow to apply for the job and only review those candidates who followed your instructions.  It shows that they have initiative and cared enough to read and follow your instructions for the most important first impression in  a potential employee/employer relationship.  And if you are a candidate looking for a job, carefully read and follow the instructions that the employer asks you to follow when applying for a job.  It will make your application stand out among all the others.

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