Dolphins Harassment Case: Initial Investigation Interviews are Complete and Many Players are not Cooperating

Investigator, Ted Wells, has completed the initial round of interviews in the harassment investigation in the Incognito/Martin bullying harassment case.

The most interesting development during the first round is many players are being uncooperative with Mr. Wells.

Dolphins players are being less-than-forthcoming with investigator Ted Wells, according to sources familiar with the ongoing probe, and in some cases are refusing to cooperate at all. Owner Stephen Ross addressed the team last week and urged them to be candid and open with Wells, but that has not been the case and it remains to be seen if Wells is able to corroborate the lengthy accounts he was given from Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, the principles involved.

In my opinion, this means two things are happening – neither of which are good.

  1. Some players are protecting Incognito’s bullying behavior.  They know it was wrong but feel a duty to protect their popular teammate.
  2. Some players are afraid of speaking against in fear of retribution from others in the locker room and/or the Dolphin organization.  
The investigation has several more weeks to go and I will update with my opinions as information becomes available.  

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