Dolphins Harassment Case: Mike Wallace Rationalizes: “He Was Being Richie”

In this video with WR Mike Wallace, he says in defense of Richie Incognito’s harassment of Johnathan Martin “He was being Richie”.  Sorry Mike, not acceptable.

I’ve run into this comment while doing harassment investigations.  People seem to want rationalize bullying behavior by saying nearly the exact same thing.  In my experience, most bullies have very charismatic personalities and can generate a loyal following.  You see it in high school (“mean girls” and the male counterpart) and throughout history (most dictators).   So in the Dolphin case, we will see more of Incognito’s loyal followers support him over the victim, Martin.

I am willing to bet that there are many more in the Dolphin locker room who hate Incognito but are unwilling to say anything.  Several of the big name vets are speaking out in support of him so the younger guys are keeping their mouths shut in fear of retribution.  I’m also certain that we are seeing only the “tip of the iceberg” of what is going on in that locker room.  I think it will get much worse and those who hate him will start speaking out.

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