Changing Things Up

I have not been posting here much lately but am going to restart and take HHHR into a new direction in the coming months.  The first thing is to move HHHR from the Blogger platform to a self hosted WordPress platform.  This will freshen things up and give me a lot more flexibility with the things I want to do with the site.  It will take a bit to get it all up and running and I plan on playing with a couple different WordPress  themes until I find one I really like.

The second phase will be to fine tune what I want HHHR to be – details I will share with you later.  Its something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but just didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to do it.  I have done a lot of  research and studying on setting things up the way I want.  I’ve also figured how I want to move forward and am very excited to make it happen in the next couple of months!

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