Hard Hat HR’s One Year Anniversary and Future Direction

Rich at Rig Site 1975Today, August 2, 2014, is the one year anniversary of HHHR!   I originally launched HHHR intending to focus on HR in the mining industry.  Later in the year, I expanded the focus to HR in the extractive industries.  Most recently, I updated the language translate plugin. Now, the plugin is capable of carrying out even tigrinya translations.

When I launched HHHR, I was also blogging at my other much more established site, www.RichBoberg.com, and maintained both for most of the next 12 months.  This got to be a bit more of a chore than I thought but I was still enjoying it!  I didn’t know where it would all go so I decided to just work my way through it and see where the experience would lead me!

Then about two months ago,  I had an epiphany!  After a particularly difficult week at work where everything – and I mean everything – seemed to come down crashing down on top of me, it occurred to me that I could expand Hard Hat HR away from just focusing on the extractive industries and use it as a way of providing a “Hard Hat” or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all HR Professionals.

Here is the first attempt to describe the new HHHR.

So what is Hard Hat HR?  Well, it’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the HR Professional.

Those of us in the profession know that HR gets a lot of unpleasant and difficult issues thrown at us. Sometimes thrown very hard –  hard enough to make your head hurt!

So, Hard Hat HR is here to provide protection from those issues and to help HR Professionals become more effective leaders by sharing and discussing strategic and tactical  Human Resources practices and theories.

So I did a complete makeover of both my sites.  I quit blogging at www.RichBoberg.com and converted it into my professional personal website and moved it from the Blogger platform to a self hosted WordPress platform.  I also moved HHHR from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress platform, purchased the Get Noticed theme from Michael Hyatt, and started the long journey of building Hard Hat HR into something I hope will provide value to those who join the HHHR Crew!

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