Introducing Hard Hat HR

As I mentioned in my other blog,, I came up with the term Hard Hat HR while driving home from a job fair in rural Wyoming.  My intent is to create a new HR ‘brand’ that focuses on HR practiced in the ‘hard hat’ industries.  While HR is HR for the most part, there is certainly a different consideration that has to be taken in the ‘hard hat’ industries.  The focus of this blog will be in the mining sector but I am confident it can be applied to other similar industries.

In addition to posting all my HR content here, my goal is to share my HR experiences, both successes and failures, where appropriate.  I will also be re-posting all my HR related posts from in the next few months so it will all be in one place.

I’ve discovered a niche in the HR blogesphere/social media world and I am excited to launch Hard Hat HR!

You can also follow me on twitter @HardHatHR which I’m officially launching today along with

A note on the photo accompanying this post and used as the theme of the blog:  That is a picture of me – wearing a hard hat! – out in the field at a uranium drill rig back in the 1970s when I traveled around Wyoming with my dad as he worked as a uranium exploration geologist.

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