Introducing Hard Hat Recruiting

Over the past two months, I’ve been travelling to several Wyoming communities recruiting for positions to staff my company’s mine. While working various job fairs and in speaking with hundreds of candidates, I was reminded that recruiting in the mining industry is very different than recruiting in most other industries. There are not many people, if there is any at all, out there talking about the nitty gritty of recruiting in the industry. Most of the focus in the main stream media, blogs, podcasts, books, magazines, and conferences centers on the latest technology and mostly on professionals and knowledge workers.  While I find it all very interesting, it has nothing to do with the kind of recruiting I am doing.

As a result, I coined a phrase “Hard Hat Recruiting” to describe my work recruiting employees in the mining industry.  Hard Hat Recruiting is very different – not any better or any worse, mind you – than the typical type of recruiting most HR professionals and recruiters are accustomed to doing. Its an entirely different mindset and if you are going to be successful, you need to understand that mindset and not try to make these solid, decent, hardworking people fit into the mold of what conventional wisdom tells us a candidate should be or do.  For example, there are no suits and ties (or even khakis and collared shirts), resume’s are spotty at best, and social media recruiting – LOL, your kidding, right?!

I am starting another series of posts exploring my experiences and recommendations in the practice of Hard Hat Recruiting.

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