Introducing the Hard Hat HR Audioblog Podcast

iTunes (Final)Today I am introducing the Hard Hat HR Audioblog podcast!  After a lot of hard work and educating myself on podcasting, I am pleased to release the first fourteen episodes.  Having been an avid podcast consumer and fan for many years, I am thrilled to join in and finally become a podcaster myself.

Now, the Audioblog is simply an audio version of the latest Hard Hat HR blog post where I simply just read and record what I wrote.  Nothing fancy – at least not yet.   My goal is to start off this way and as I continue to publish blog posts with accompanying audioblog podcasts, I will improve my podcasting skills where I will eventually sound  more professional and conversational.

I know these first attempts are not the best but I figured I just needed to start. I will improve  as I move forward.  This, I have found throughout my life, is the only way to get better at something.

As you’ve noticed, I am a short form blogger with my posts usually consisting of approximately 300 –600 words.  This, of course, makes me a short form podcaster since I am simply just reading and recording my blog posts at this time.

I’ve settled into a schedule of two blog posts a week – Monday and Wednesday – and will publish the accompanying audioblog on the same schedule.

It is important to note that I am starting my podcasting adventure with a very small budget.  I am using a very inexpensive microphone so the quality of these first episodes will be relatively poor compared to most podcasts.  So please bear with me as I continue to learn and advance my podcasting skills.

I also strongly encourage any feedback you can give me so I can learn what I can do better and what I am doing well.  I really want to make this work and sincerely encourage your feedback.

If you liked what you see and hear and gained some value from Hard Hat HR, please give the podcast a five star rating over on iTunes or Stitcher and leave me a comment.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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