The Best Employees are Those Who Make it Look Easy

Have you ever watched pro golfers?  Or pro hockey players?  Or any other high level of sport?  The very best athletes make their sport seem so easy and effortless that anybody can do it – until we actually try to do it!   Watching them is a pleasure because we know the amount of sacrifice, hard work and practice they endured to get to the highest level of athletic performance. They are admired, respected and rewarded because of their excellent performance.

I often wonder why this isn’t so in many workplaces. It often seems that employees who make what they do seem easy and effortless go unnoticed and unrecognized.  Obviously, the workplace is quite a bit different from the athletic arena but my point is that we need to make sure we are recognizing those employees who make it look easy.  They are the true professionals in the workplace.

Throughout my career I’ve seen the employee who always makes a big production about the difficulty of their work.  They are seen as “putting out the fires”  and dealing with crisis after crisis (usually of their own making) and getting most of the positive recognition as a result.  By contrast, I’ve seen other employees quietly and competently getting their work done making what they do appear easy and, as a result, not “worthy” of recognition.

As a leader/manager/HR Pro it is important to recognize this situation and make the appropriate decisions regarding recognition and reward. The best at what they do always make it look easy and effortless.  Don’t let your true professionals become unhappy and leave your organization because they perceive you don’t appreciate them.

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