Dolphin Harassment Case: More About Leadership Failure

In today’s Miami Herald, columnist Armando Salguero also believes the Dolphins seriously lack leadership which confirms my opinion from yesterday.

The Dolphins are a team sorely lacking leadership. 

It is a void as wide as a galaxy and one that doesn’t need a telescope to spot. It’s apparent from the top to the bottom of this football organization. It shows in the locker room, portions of the coaching staff — everywhere strong, wise voices are needed but are seemingly absent or mute.

He also has a very interesting take on  whether the current team can recover from this.

People speculating this saga will divide the Dolphins or splinter the locker room are not correct. Dolphins players — both black and white — agreed this week that they like Martin and love Incognito. They agreed that if both return to the locker room, they would be accepted. 

You know why there was so much agreement? Because they were encouraged to do so by Philbin during a team meeting and many of them are great followers

“It’s going to take people with great strength, great morals, fortitude and great leadership to go in there and clean up a locker room that is in disarray,” Gannon said. 

“I don’t know that they have enough of those players right now in that building.”

Maybe some real leaders will emerge and help the team recover.  Maybe not.  Maybe there are some young leaders (Tannehill) who haven’t found their voice yet because of the strong personalities of the bully leadership of Incognito and Pouncey.  We can only hope.

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