Dolphin Locker Room Beginning to Fracture – Publically

The Sun Sentinel reported today that there are two Dolphins who will be speaking out against Richie Incognito next week.  I am certain that there has dissension in the locker room since this issue broke out but now it is starting to become public and will get much uglier.

I said this on November 5:

I am willing to bet that there are many more in the Dolphin locker room who hate Incognito but are unwilling to say anything.  Several of the big name vets are speaking out in support of him so the younger guys are keeping their mouths shut in fear of retribution.  I’m also certain that we are seeing only the “tip of the iceberg” of what is going on in that locker room.  I think it will get much worse and those who hate him will start speaking out.

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