Dolphins Harassment Case: Philbin Wanted Incognito Cut After Golf Tourney Harassment

According to this ESPN NFL article, Ted Wells’ investigation has revealed that Dolphin coach Joe Philbin wanted Incognito cut after he was accused of harassing and paying off a volunteer at the team’s charity golf tourney in 2012.  Unfortunately, he was overruled and the team is now paying the price – and will pay a bigger price when this issue concludes.

I’ve seen this happen many times. Bad behavior from a star employee is ignored and excused.  Recommendations for disciplinary are overruled by management because the employee is too important to the organization.  Nothing ever good comes from this short sighted decision.  The star employee knows she got away with her bad behavior and will continue while, at the same time, the other employees in the organization know she is now above the rules damaging morale and hurting their productivity.

I was not happy with Philbin when this all started but now understand that he wanted to do the right thing but was overruled.  

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