Flextime/Remote Compatability

There is not a week that goes by where I read an article or blog post telling me how important it is to offer flextime/remote work in order to attract the best employees to an organization.

These claims are, of course, all backed up by surveys – usually done to measure the employee’s opinion of flextime. Well of course, a lot of employees will tell you they would love more flextime and be allowed to work from home, who wouldn’t?

I don’t ever recall, however, seeing a survey measuring employer’s opinions of flextime/remote work.

I know there are several employers out there who fully embrace the concept and can make it work, but the vast majority don’t want to go anywhere near it or it simply does not make sense for their operation.   In fact, Best Buy and Yahoo! have recently reversed course and called all hands back to the office. It must not have been produced the results they were promised.  I don’t think flextime/remote work is practical for the most organizations and I don’t think most employees are responsible enough to handle it.

My experience has shown me that the people who can least handle working from home are the ones who want that option the most.   In other words, most jobs and most employees are simply not compatible for flextime/remote work.

Perhaps I’m biased by the industries I am most familiar with, Retail and Mining.  Flextime/remote work is simply not practical for the majority of jobs in these industries.

Personally, I like my core schedule of 8-5, Monday through Friday (although as an exempt professional, I work significantly more than my core schedule!).  I like getting ready for work in the morning and driving to the office.  I enjoy the office environment and working at my office desk and interacting with my fellow employees throughout the day.  I like clearing the decks at the end of the day and driving home.

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